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 Levi’s story: 

“Hey Darryl!” 

“Oh dude!  You scared the ‘you know what’ outa me!” groaned Darryl as he rubbed his head and pushed out from under his truck.  He added:  “You shouldn’t sneak up on a guy like that!” 

“That’s what friends are for!” laughed Levi. 

“I didn’t even hear you pull up!  I thought you texted that you were going to bring over your new truck.  Probably remembered that it would look shabby beside my baby here and thought better of it.”  Darryl’s truck was the envy of the neighborhood—a lifted F-250 with custom tires and wheels that shook the earth with an angry growl wherever it went. 

“Oh, I brought it all right—and that’s how I snuck up on you.  Check it out—it’s a Rivian—it’s electric!” 

Darryl’s face scrunched up involuntarily as he peered around the bed of his Ford.  “Electric!  You gotta be kiddin’ me!  If I knew you wanted a toy truck I would have dug one out of the sandbox.” 

“Easy, big fella.  That’s my baby you’re talking about!” laughed Levi who had anticipated this reception.  “Let me answer all your questions.  One, no, you can’t touch it until you wash your hands.  Two, 0-60 in three seconds.  Three, 11,000 pounds of towing capacity.” 

Darryl had pulled his cap off and was scratching his head with a little more respect.  “Well, that’s 4,000 pounds less than the Beast.  But three seconds!  That’s crazy quick!” 

After the test ride, and the complete going over with clean hands, the two sat on the front porch with near ungodly pride.  “That’s a lot of power in two very different packages,” said Darryl.  And then, “Levi . . . earth to Levi . . . come in Levi.” 

“Oh sorry,” said Levi.  “I was just thinking the same thing—two very different trucks.  And at the same time, I was remembering what pastor said at the men’s Bible study about the Holy Spirit.  We were pressing him about what the filling of the Holy Spirit was supposed to feel like.  You remember?” 

“Sure,” replied Darryl.  “He said our expectations shouldn’t be that the Spirit’s empowering would be this crazy undeniable force, or earth-shaking experience.  For most of us it would be a quiet influence—but powerful just the same.” 

“Now you see where my head was at?,” asked Levi as he nodded toward the two trucks.  “For some, the power might be visible and impressive—like with Billy Graham.  But for most of us it’s more subtle.” 

“Are you saying Billy Graham was a beast like my baby!” laughed Darryl.  “Which makes me think.  What are you going to name your truck?” 

“Just now, I’m thinking “Pneuma,” smiled Levi. 

The story of us all:

The Holy Spirit resides in every child of God.  Our most direct encounter with God, he empowers us to relate to God in prayer and understanding, to live a godly life, and to carry out God’s purpose for us. 

One important Scripture:Ephesians 5:18 (ESV) And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, 

Now, what’s your story?  You’ve heard Levi’s story, you know the story of us all.  Now, let’s talk! 

  • When do you think you are most likely to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s work in your life?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on the Spirit’s dynamic in your life?
  • What do you think you would be like if the Spirit was NOT working in you?
  • Have you been confused by the sign gifts and how they are emphasized in some churches but not in others?
  • Do you know what is required of you in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

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Bryan Galloway about 1 year ago

Early in my Christian life, there was very little teaching on the person and role of the Holy Spirit. There was a fear of being associated with the charismatic movement. But in college my understanding of the Holy Spirit was developed through the teaching of professors like Wayne Grudem. I am grateful that God deposited the Holy Spirit in me as a guarantee of my future inheritance in heaven. I am grateful for His presence. He produces His fruit in my life as I seek to be filled with Him through prayer, Scripture reading, and worship. His presence also brings conviction of sin.

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